Top 7 Free Apps For Nonprofits On Salesforce

Image courtesy of Salesforce Foundation Blog. Image courtesy of Salesforce Foundation Blog.

Salesforce is a constituent relationship management (CRM) system used by organizations to manage donor, volunteer, and business relationships on a multitude of levels. In addition, nonprofits are offered up to 10 licenses for free!

Among the many robust features the Salesforce CRM offers is the ability to integrate Salesforce into virtually every account (i.e., Outlook, social media, donation forms, email, websites, etc.) thanks to a variety of apps!

Here is great list of the top free apps for nonprofits, compiled by The Connected Cause.

  1. Donation Split
    Cloud for Good
    An application used for splitting donations between multiple programs, and provide a view for account administrators to view allocated funds as well as the total amount donated.

  2. Eventbrite Sync
    Connect your events to Salesforce and record registration, contact information, and payments without duplication.

  3. DemandTools
    CRMfusion Inc.
    An incredibly powerful tool for managing large amounts of data, including standardizing supporter contact information format, the ability to build scenarios that can be used multiple times, mass insertion and deletion of data, and all readily available in an Excel file.

  4. Volunteers
    Manage volunteer profiles, schedules, jobs, shifts, and involvement in your nonprofit. Also, this app integrates with your nonprofit's website, allowing your organization to create a volunteer registration form and track use in addition to user data.

  5. Credit Card & ACH Payment Processing
    The app upholds security standards and processes payments. One of the greatest benefits is the ability to track recurring versus one-time payments. All data is never duplicated and adds to your Salesforce user data and supporter profiles.

  6. User Adoption Dashboard
    Salesforce Labs
    Analyze user adoption across your organization. See recent activity, create reports, and see who the most active users are.

  7. Field Trip
    A tool for assessing data completeness. Discover how many supporter emails you have on file, what the least populated fields are, and improve website forms to encourage data input.

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