The Importance Of Mobile Devices To Peer-To-Peer Fundraising



We talk a lot about the ever growing role that peer-to-peer fundraising has for many nonprofits. It’s not really a new model, but the rise of the Internet has transformed the strategy and given it even more fundraising power.

According to a recent post from SocialBrite, nonprofits should not overlook the importance that mobile devices have can in fundraising strategy. Smartphones and other mobile devices are everywhere, and it most people can’t go a day without them.

Those devices can play a major role in your peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. Not only should your organization’s website be optimized for viewing on mobile devices, but some organizations are investing in specialized apps and other technologies to assist with the fundraising process.

Check out SocialBrite’s post to learn more about how mobile technology can assist with your organization’s peer-to-peer fundraising efforts.

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