“The Cloud Takes Shape”: Results of a recent Global Cloud Survey

KPMG recently released results of a survey (conducted by Forbes Insights and KPMG) of more than 650 senior executives in 16 countries who have adopted Cloud technology.

The report provides valuable insight into benefits of the Cloud but practical challenges faced by those organizations that elect to utilize the technology.  Almost all respondents indicated that the migration from servers to the Cloud had proven more complicated and challenging than originally anticipated.  With that said, the same executives agreed that the adoption of the Cloud outweighed any growing pains.   It is clear that migration to the Cloud requires a strategic and deliberate change in business processes in order to realize long-term goals.  Those processes include:

  • Timing and cost of the migration:  The migration needs to take place in tandem with process redesign, and the cost of migration needs to be carefully considered.

  • Benefits of migration:  More core functions moved to the Cloud, facilitation of appropriate change processes and improvements to business models.

  • Strategy:  Migration ultimately will not be successful unless it is built into the organization’s long-term objectives.

  • Security:   Survey results indicate that adoption of the Cloud has enhanced security rather than diminish it.

  • Regulatory Oversight:  IT executives are establishing policies and procedures to modify their Cloud strategy in advance of regulatory requirements.

  • Tax Issues:  Organizations are proactively and strategically approaching the tax structure of Cloud deployments, mitigating potential risks.

Has your organization tried to transition to the Cloud? What did you learn? What was your biggest problem with the transition and what was the most important thing that you learned?

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