“The Cloud Takes Shape”: Results of a recent Global Cloud Survey

KPMG recently released results of a survey (conducted by Forbes Insights and KPMG) of more than 650 senior executives in 16 countries who have adopted Cloud technology.

Here's a look at some of the “nitty gritty” results of the survey (650 senior executives in 16 countries) include:

  • 48% cited cost reduction as a key objective in migrating from servers to the Cloud

  • One-third of respondents said that migration costs were higher than expected

  • 31% indicated that the process of integrating existing IT architecture with new cloud services had created unexpected challenges

  • Seven of 10 respondents agreed/strongly agreed that the cloud environment had delivered significant efficiencies and cost savings

  • 28% indicated that easy access to the Cloud had accelerated its adoption by employees

  • Since its 2011 survey, most respondents agreed that while there were fewer security-related challenges (data loss, hacking, malware), it remains a big issue for management

The million dollar question is how does this survey helps nonprofits decide whether or not to migrate to the Cloud?  What are its benefits?

  1. The Cloud combines multiple databases.

  2. Your staff has global access to information, especially useful in an ever-growing mobile environment.

  3. The Cloud offers more security than most networks, and is less vulnerable to hackers or malware.

  4. Most Cloud-based services automatically backs-up data.

  5. The Cloud provides more storage space for data.

  6. The Cloud gives nonprofits more access to social media.  According to database expert, Tal Frankfurt of Cloud for Good, “… [t]he social cloud database is a new way to elevate communication with your constituents (donors, volunteers, clients, etc.), employees, and even with your data.”  He continues, “In the cloud you don’t only interact with people you can also interact with records, for example you can follow a donation record.”

Cloud migration for nonprofits seems simple enough, but the KPMG/Forbes Insights survey cautions IT managers to strategically and deliberately change business processes in order to reap the benefits.

501cTECH provides Cloud migration services for nonprofits in the Greater Washington, D.C. region.


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