The #1 Thanksgiving "Subject Line" and "Facebook Post" To Drive Donations This Giving Season

The #1 Thanksgiving "Subject Line" and "Facebook Post" To Drive Donations This Giving Season

nonprofit_social_media_thankgiving_fundraising_tips.pngNovember and December are the most vital fundraising months of the year for nonprofits. Leading up to Thanksgiving, charities nationwide will embark on the most important marketing sprint of the year. Here are some tips and benchmarks to make your giving season's social media and digital marketing efforts most effective. 


What is the #1 Subject Line and Social Media Message Post This Thanksgiving Your Nonprofit Should Use? 

 Kicking off with Thanksgiving, the most important message your nonprofit can give your supporters on Thanksgiving is “Thank You”

Whether its an email subject line, tweet, or Facebook Post -- Give Thanks.

“Thank You To All of Our Fans For Supporting The “Foundation Name” and “Survivors…..or other benefactors" ......Like.... “ Person's Name with Picture”......  This Thanksgiving!”

Be creative and be grateful. This simple message will set the stage for your critical fundraising campaigns this giving season.

  • Have the link from this message go to a "Thank You - Thanksgiving "Landing Page". 
  • Have the Landing Page thank all your supporters and top funders.
  • Embed contextual  "CTAS" Call to Actions to donate, volunteer, share or whatever your most important need is this giving season.
  • Be subtle, be specific and most of all be sincere.
  • Prep them for #GivingTuesday and get your constituents in the mindset to donate to your cause on December 1st.
  • Leverage hashtags associated with your cause and photos of people you have helped or are in need on your social media channels.
  • Have your donation page also reflect Thanksgiving Theme and Giving leading up to turkey day.  
  • Let's not forget Black Friday (BF). Consider taking advantage of BF by offering discounts to join / membership.
  • Entice corporate / retail  sponsors to dedicate a percentage of BF sales to your cause.

 Have a wonder week and stay tuned for more December Fundraising Tips -- The month nonprofits raise over 30% of their annual giving.


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