Tech Impact’s ITWorks Takes A Look At New Microsoft Technology



Last week a group of young people had the chance to check out some of Microsoft’s newest technology during a field trip held by Tech Impact’s ITWorks Delaware.

ITWorks is a 16-month program dedicated to changing lives by providing IT training to high achieving high school graduates who have not moved on to college. The program’s participants earn a professional certification in IT and real-world internship experience.

Last Friday, a group of ITWorks Delaware took a field trip to the Microsoft Store at the Christiana Mall, where they were provided with a hands-on demonstration of the software giant’s latest operating system and tablet technology. Students learned about the newest features of Windows 8 and the newly released Surface Tablets.

Kitty Heite, lead instructor for ITWorks Delaware, said the group “also got a chance to play games, ask the team there questions and found out some fun details about the culture at Microsoft (as well as potential job opportunities). It was a very educational and interesting trip!”

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