Study: Nonprofits Taking Full Advantage Of The Cloud



One of these days we’ll probably stop talking about “the cloud” as it becomes just another fixture in our daily digital lives, but for now it’s still worth discussing.

According to a recent post from TalkinCloud, a recent study from j2 Global revealed that nonprofits are looking to the cloud to improve efficiency. One of the biggest factors that has nonprofits looking to make the switch is the issue of remote computing.

Improvements in cloud technology has provided nonprofits with unprecedented flexibility, as the employees working in the field can now access important software, documents, or data while on the move.

Nonprofits are always trying to stay a step ahead, and it’s no different when it comes to the use of technology. If you’re part of a nonprofit that’s looking to improve its technological efficiency, TalkinCloud’s post is probably a good read.

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