Study Finds Effectiveness Of Fundraising Emails In Decline


How does your nonprofit raise money? If you’re like most organizations, a lot of your fundraising activity probably takes place online, and a good portion of that may come from sending emails to your supporters.

But as recently reported at npEngage, fundraising emails may not be as effective as they used to be. A recent study examined the online fundraising activities of 55 national nonprofits, and some experts were surprised about the findings.

The study found that fundraising email “click through” rates dropped 27 percent in 2011, and response rates were down 21 percent during that same period. Many factors could explain the drop in the tactic’s success, but some speculate that a poor mobile experience could be to blame.

In response to the study, npEngage’s post lists ten articles designed to help nonprofits improve online engagement and achieve better fundraising results. Check out their list to see if your nonprofit can revamp the way it raises money online.

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