Studies Confirm What We Already Know: Online Giving Is On The Rise



The rate at which people give to nonprofits is on the rise, but it still represents only a small portion of overall fundraising efforts.

Two new studies from the Chronicle of Philanthropy show that online giving is growing faster than other forms of fundraising, but it still only represents a median share of 2.1 percent of all contributions from private donors.

It’s also no surprise that the most successful nonprofits are using tech to improve online fundraising (that’s probably a no-brainer). Savvy organizations are using smart data analysis to find potential donors on the web, and others are using tried and true methods from direct mail campaigns and using them online. It works, and the organizations that do the best with expanding online donations are likely to be the ones who are focusing more of their efforts to engaging supporters online.

Check out the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s post to learn more about the growth of online giving.

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