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"Marketing Cloud has really helped us get communications out at a larger scale, so that we can cultivate relationships in the same way we would with face-to-face interactions."- Nicole Adair, Senior Director of Development Operations and Donor Communications, Mile High United WayOriginal article from

The United Way is the largest charity in the US and one of the most recognizable nonprofits in the world. The Denver chapter, known as Mile High United Way, is where it all started some 128 years ago. Today, Mile High continues to be a leader and innovator among the world’s 1,800 United Way chapters. The organization is part of the fabric of the Denver and Colorado communities, with varied programs touching tens of thousands of people every year, from early literacy to adult self-sufficiency.

Marketing Cloud: A Powerful Member of the Team 

Most recently Mile High has added on Salesforce's CRM (customer relationship management) Marketing Cloud, which they use for all email communications with constituents. “Marketing Cloud has been a great addition to our team because it comes with tools that do some of the work for you,” says Adair. Now Mile High’s development team can segment their donors and prospects based on the issues they care about. Then, using the Dynamic Content feature in Marketing Cloud, they can design one email that sends different targeted messages to all of these segments, without having to write a separate email for each group.


“Marketing Cloud has really helped us get communications out at a larger scale, so that we can cultivate relationships in the same way we would with face-to-face interactions,” says Adair.

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Mile High then launched a highly successful email series targeting donors who made a gift the previous year. Adair and her team used the Automation Studio to design and launch the email journey. Then, using Marketing Cloud’s built-in A/B Testing tools, they were able to measure the campaign’s impact: “Donors that received this email series are retaining 6% higher than those that didn’t, and they’re giving 49% more,” says Adair. “Donor retention is a huge challenge, especially when people are moving from one workplace to another. So this is a huge victory for us.” provides nonprofit organizations with 10 free licenses to its CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) cloud-base software. They'll even provide nonprofits with a "Nonprofit Starter Pack" which is a CRM template built specifically for nonprofits to use. 

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