4 Strategies To Help Your Nonprofit Communicate Its Finances

Talking about money is hard for anyone. However, communicating financial information is an often necessary task for non-profit executive directors to perform. Financial information can seem uninteresting or boring, and often times there's a certain level of transparency that you can't cross. But it is critical that your staffers have some idea of your organization’s financial situation.

Despite its importance, financial overseers can find it hard to communicate effectively with those not in the financial know-how. Here are some ways to help more clearly communicate non-profit financial information to those who need to know.

  1. Say it quickly and clearly

    For non-profits, it’s possible not many staffers, volunteers or donors will have extensive financial knowledge. Make what you have to say clear and to the point so your readers can understand what you have to say. Keeping it brief will also encourage them not to click away and miss out on the information you are trying to impart on them.

  2. Avoid jargon

    Again, you need to keep your audience in mind before you outline your non-profit’s financial news. If your readers do not have a background in finance, do not use language that will make them need to pull out a dictionary to understand. More than likely they will simply stop reading rather than try to figure out what you have to say.

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  4. Highlight points relevant to non-profit functions

    Though it is important to highlight the relevant financial information, it can be done in a way that will bring in the interest of your non-profit based readers. Be sure to cater your findings to your audience and present it in a way that will interest them. For example, if your organization received more funding, explain how that will help further their mission and what additional things may be accomplished with increased funding.

  5. Connect the story behind the numbers

    There is always a reason behind the numbers, so make sure to hit those points when presenting your information. It makes it easier for readers to connect to the information and understand why the numbers are the way they are. If your non-profit gained more money through fundraising, tell them how it help with your quarter’s numbers. If they spent more money furthering the organization’s mission, tell them where the money went and how it helped.

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