Salesforce Technology Helps Nonprofits Accelerate Their Missions has released the results of its annual customer relationship survey conducted by independent research firm Decipher/FocusVision and the results demonstrate the significant impact their technology is having on the nonprofits they serve.Original article:                                                 Feature Image:

The results are in — Salesforce technology is helping nonprofits accelerate their missions!

87% of nonprofit and higher education respondents indicate that is helping them advance their mission.

When nonprofit and higher education survey respondents were asked about percentage improvements in performance metrics, customers report growth across every metric with Salesforce including these average improvement achievements:

  • 30% faster idea sourcing
  • 45% faster collaboration
  • 45% faster decision making
  • 53% improvement in data quality
  • 57% faster response
  • 63%improvement in operational effectiveness Helps Nonprofits and Higher Education Raise More Funds Faster

  • +23% Faster Close of Fundraising Deals
  • +30% Increase in Funds Raised Helps Higher Ed Increase Productivity, Engagement and Retention

  • +27% Increase in Volunteer/Student /Alumni Retention
  • +34% Increase in Volunteer/Student/Alumni Engagement
  • +36% Increase in Recruiter Productivity Helps Customers Design, Code, Configure, Test, and Deploy IT Apps Faster and at a Reduced Cost

  • +40% Decrease in IT Costs
  • +49% Increase in Coding Productivity
  • +50% Faster System Testing
  • +53% Faster Business App Deployment
  • +53% Faster App Configuration
  • +58% Faster New App Design
  • +59% Faster Data and App Integration

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