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Text messaging and apps like Facebook Messenger allow us to send and receive information faster than ever before. Salesforce recently launched LiveMessage, a tool that helps customer service reps manage messaging traffic just like any customer interactions in Service Cloud. Allowing your nonprofit to expedite response times and better serve your constituents. Original article from Tech Crunch. 

Service Cloud customers can set up a SMS (text) messaging interaction in less than a day through a company’s 800 number.  All of the message traffic, regardless of the, tool appears in a tabbed view in Service Cloud, just as it does with phone or web chats.

The new functionality involves a couple of different approaches to messaging: talking to a human and communicating using bots. Nonprofits could use a combination of the two, starting with bots for simple interactions, then transferring to humans for more complex questions.

Salesforce is offering Service Cloud bots, or customers can plug in a third-party bot to communicate via automated interactions in messenger clients. The key here, though, is to provide avenues for two-way communication between the company and the customer via a message interface.

We’ve all had the experience of getting a text that an item has shipped or our appointment is confirmed from a company or service provider, but without the ability to text back. Consumers used to having two-way communication are often frustrated by these limited interactions.

Service Cloud is offering a way to give that two-way interactions between consumers and companies that we are used to having with our friends. When we get a text, we expect to be able to respond — and this new functionality allows us to do that — whether we are interacting with an automated response bot or a human. provides nonprofit organizations with 10 free licenses to its CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) cloud-base software. They'll even provide nonprofits with a "Nonprofit Starter Pack" which is a CRM template built specifically for nonprofits to use. 

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