Reviving the Technology Innovator of the Week

We at 501cTECH couldn't be happier with the opportunity we have each year to honor area nonprofits at our  Celebration of Technology and through our  Technology Impact Awards, co-sponsored by  Accenture. It's amazing what so many DC-area nonprofits are able to do with technology on what are often times very limited budgets.
Each year, our judges struggle to choose winners and finalists from the long list of inspiring applicants. That's why, last year we launched a blog series called "Technology Innovator of the Week" as a small way of shining a light on all those nonprofits that are doing exciting things with technology.
We want to share these innovations with a larger audience and highlight the ways that your nonprofit is using technology to advance its mission. Are you using a popular technology tool in an innovative way to solve a problem or streamline your operation? Do you use Google Apps to collaborate more easily and work remotely? Have you started an  AdWords campaign? Let us know!

You can nominate a Technology Innovator of the Week by emailing

We hope that these posts will not only recognize nonprofits for their innovations, but also serve as a resource for other organizations looking for ways to innovate.

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