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Image courtesy of Etiquette Consulting Inc. Image courtesy of Etiquette Consulting Inc.

Facebook reach is loosely defined as the number of people who saw a piece of your content.

But, put very simply, the higher your reach, the more people saw your message, the better the chance is for your nonprofit to accomplish its mission.

Reach can be generated by purchasing Facebook advertisement, achieving organic reach, and having users like, comment, or share your post. The more reach you generate, the more people see your content.

Here are ways your nonprofit can generate more reach on Facebook.

  1. Hammer out your content strategy

    As referenced in an earlier blog post, having a clear and concise content strategy is the first step to garnering more reach. The more consistent your content is, the better off it will be in the long run. By sharing, blogging, and Retweeting consistent topics, your feeds and posts will organically generate more traffic because people will know what to expect, and seek your feed out.

  2. Know when to post

    Knowing what time to post is key. While most networks deal with very similar time tables, the use of specific hashtags may be used more at one time versus another. Check out as a reference. Ensure your nonprofit is taking advantage of the hot post times to maximize reach.

  3. Watch post frequency

    Check your post insights and figure out when your followers are NEVER interacting.

    If your nonprofit is only seeing interaction at one time during the day, what is the purpose of posting multiple times? By over saturating your feed, you are running the risk of alienating users. If you’re seeing interaction only at 7am, make sure you have 7am covered, and let the others posts walk.

  4. Allow people to post on your page

    Whenever someone posts on your page, that activity shows up in their friends’ news feed. This could help drive more traffic to your page, and more in turn increase interaction on your content.

    If you’re afraid of negative or defamatory content being posted on your page, you can easily amend settings to blog posts containing profanity or keywords.

  5. Caption THIS

    Hosting a caption contest is a great way to drive interaction. Post an image you find funny, or relates to your nonprofit’s mission, and prompt your followers to caption that image. People are often very inclined to leave a comment offering their suggestion.This is a great way to create a huge amount of viral reach.

  6. Reply to comments

    Facebook was created to induce interactions. And that’s all we’re trying to accomplish here.

    If someone took time out of their day to comment on your Facebook, don’t you believe that deserves some kind of acknowledgement? A like lets the individual interacting, and others seeing that interaction know that your Facebook page is a 2 way street.

  7. Repost high performing posts

    Because Facebook boasts a less saturated news feed than say, Twitter, you’ll be posting a lot less. Your content strategy, therefore, doesn’t have to all be new content. Because not all your followers saw your post, it is alright to reuse content.

    Content that has already been used is apt to perform just as well more than once. Try running a similar content or even the same piece of content to try and drive those numbers higher.

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