Why Mobile Email Means Organizational Success

Many digital marketers are forsaking email in favor of social media campaigns, solely sharing their carefully crafted content through their preferred platforms. Ignoring your non-profit’s email marketing, however, is a huge mistake that could have detrimental consequences for your organization. According to a McKinsey & Company study, email is actually 40 times more effective at bringing in customers and clients than Facebook and Twitter combined.

  1. Responsive design

    While email is still a major influencer in customer acquisition, it is a changing platform and businesses need to keep up-to-date in order for their email blasts to be effective. The traditional aspects, such as subject lines, calls-to-action and voice, still carry weight, but one of the most critical mistakes non-profits are making with email marketing is emails that are not optimized for mobile viewing across multiple screens and devices.

    These types of emails, called responsive emails, are designed to adapt itself to whatever type of device it is being viewed on. It should offer similar functionality, whether it is viewed on a desktop computer or through a mobile phone. Making sure your non-profit’s email capabilities include a responsive design would be critical for your organization’s success. While 65 percent of all emails are opened through a mobile device, more importantly 42 percent of mobile users delete emails that do not properly display on their devices.

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  3. Mobile optimization

    So how do email marketers combat this issue? First thing to do is to become responsive. Many email providers offer the appropriate templates, so begin taking advantage of them. Just remember that not all responsive email templates are equally well done, so be sure to test and preview your emails across a variety of devices and platforms to ensure your emails actually do fit across all screens.

  4. A/B test

    Doing the research and testing out your email across all your desired platforms is a time-consuming process that your non-profit might not have the resources or inclination to put into motion. Another option is to outsource and have a digital marketing agency take care of this for you. While it will cost money to hire an outside source, many are reasonably priced with non-profits in mind and have experience essential for finding your best responsive email template fit.

    No matter what route you decide is best for your non-profit, the point is that mobile is the fastest-growing delivery method for email and your organization needs to think carefully in order to utilize its full potential. If you want your emails read and not tossed away, make them responsive and watch new clients, volunteers and donors come to your non-profit.

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