Is Your Nonprofit’s Website Mobile Friendly? It Should Be.



The meteoric rise of mobile web traffic has been thoroughly discussed in the tech world. More and more traffic is shifting to mobile devices, forcing businesses and organizations to adapt to a different kind of user.

But as reported in a recent post from Nonprofit Tech 2.0, the websites of many nonprofits are still not designed with mobile traffic in mind. Experts say at least 15 percent of all traffic on nonprofits’ websites comes from mobile devices, but many nonprofits cannot afford a complete redesign of their website to make sure it functions adequately on mobile devices.

With that in mind, there are ways nonprofits can tweak their current sites to ensure they work well on all devices. A separate mobile site can be a good interim solution, but experts say nonprofits need to keep mobile in mind when they look to the future of their web presence.

Check out Nonprofit Tech 2.0’s post to learn more about how you can make sure your organization’s website functions well across all platforms, including some great examples of successful designs.


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