Is Your Nonprofit Using Good Data To Form Its Marketing Strategy?



Data can be a mess. In the corporate world, companies spend tons of money and resources on data management systems to track every interaction with customers and create adaptive marketing strategies.

But according to a recent post from Orange Leap, most nonprofits don’t have the resources to spend on data management. Often times, nonprofits have multiple departments operating their own independent systems, and data tracking the activities of supporters, donations, and other topics can get scattered.

However, recent advances are providing nonprofits with affordable and easy-to-use technology that allows organizations to make data management more uniform and more efficient. Good data provides organizations with a better understanding of their supporters, and allows them to form marketing strategies to better reach them.

Check out Orange Leap’s post to learn more about how cutting edge data management technology is allowing nonprofits to better understand their supporters and improve their marketing strategies.

Topics: data, Tech, marketing strategy, nonprofit technology

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