Is Your Nonprofit Putting Its Data To Work?



Not many people get excited about working with spreadsheets. Well, some do, but for most people plugging a bunch of figures into Excel is not the greatest way to spend an afternoon. For others big data and complex spreadsheets can be downright intimidating.

But as nonprofit expert Beth Kanter explained in a recent blog post, it doesn't have to be that way. There are big advantages in knowing how to put spreadsheets to work for your nonprofit, and you don’t have to be an Excel genius to put your data to good use. With the right resources, nearly everyone can learn how to use spreadsheets to benefit their organization.

Kanter’s post discusses 10 ways a spreadsheet novice can streamline data analysis by learning how to use Excel to monitor your organization’s performance and future outlook. Most nonprofits have data, but not all have the knowledge needed to use it.

Check out Kanter’s recent post to learn how to put your organization’s data to work.

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