Is it time for a CRM at your nonprofit?


Your organization’s most valuable asset isn’t your hardware or software, it’s your list of donors, volunteers, friends, and other constituents. It’s their trust and contact information, and their time or monetary support that makes your nonprofit tick. That data is what's key to your nonprofit taking the next step in impacting the world.

Constituent / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allow your nonprofit to store, manage, and effectively leverage the most important thing to its success. Chances are pretty good that if your nonprofit’s been diligent about keeping track of this information up until now, you’ve developed some in-depth spreadsheets to manage that information.

Frozen rows and cells, lots of columns for sorting and finding the information you need to communicate effectively with them. So is it time for your nonprofit to consider making the switch to a CRM?

How does communication impact my nonprofit’s strategy?

If your nonprofit is wasting money, time, and energy because of your inability to effectively communicate with your constituents, it might be time for a CRM. Whether you are planning an event or asking for donations during your donation drive, a CRM makes managing, mining, and dealing with constituent / customer data easy and efficient.

Consider your infrastructure

Your nonprofit is run on accounting software. Your emails are sent and donations are collected through a SaaS email provider and online banking solution. The truth is, much of these disparate services and pieces of software can be fully integrated with a CRM, making it the hub of your nonprofit’s activities.

Do I need my data everywhere?

One of the biggest benefits of using a cloud based CRM is that wherever you are in the world you have access to your data. If you’re constantly on the road and need to keep your finger on the pulse of your nonprofit’s financials, schedule, and contacts, a CRM might just be right for your nonprofit.

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