Infographic: What Nonprofit Sector Rules Social Media?

Have you ever wondered what nonprofit sector rules social media? We have the infographic to prove it.

The advent of social media has been a world-wide phenomenon. It has shaped the way we interact with others, plan events, and at no monetary value instantly connects us to millions of people.

In recent years, nonprofits have begun to utilize this powerful tool to connect with their target audiences and increase thier overall reach. Additionally, Social media is a big reason for the globalization of nonprofits, and the rest of the economy.

The infographic below details who is talking over social media in the nonprofit sector thanks to RAD Campaign.

  • The most talked about nonprofit organizations on social media are about animals
  • Tweets about disaster relief receive the most @mentions on Twitter
  • Nonprofits dealing with animals use @mentions when speaking to other users the most

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