Infographic: What Your Nonprofit's Web Design Says About You

Your nonprofit's missions statement it's what give your organization life. Whether it's helping an undeserved population or demographic, or helping animals avoid abusive situations. At the end of the day, your nonprofit is committed to completing its mission.

Now more than ever, the Internet is what we nonprofits rely on to complete that mission. Engaging entire communities, marketing events, tracking expenses, and even meeting new people are all facilitated by the Internet.

With the importance of your digital presence increasing dramatically every day, your nonprofit's website becomes the most important feature of all. But whether you knew it or not, everything on your website is impacting the visitor in ways you might not have realized. From the type of font you're using to the colors on the site, everything has an effect on the web user.

Don't believe us, check out the infographic below!


Topics: General, Tech, Social
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