Infographic: Mobile Technology Fighting Poverty

Have you ever thought of your cellphone as an educational, poverty fighting tool? How about a bank or pillar of democracy?

Well, according to USAID, mobile phones are all of that and more. They raise the GDP, keep you healthy, safe and they make you smarter too. Mobile phones are expected to continue increasing in use around the globe in 2014, especially in high poverty areas.

Here are a few of the alarming statistics put out by USAID about how mobile phones are fighting poverty.

If you’re interested in reading more you can check out the original article by Garth Moore on, or check out the original information on the USAID website.

  • A 10% increase in mobile penetration can raise the annual GDP by 1.2%.
  • 93% of female mobile phone users feel safer because of their phone.
  • 1 billion mobile phones are expected to be in use in Africa by 2016.

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