Infographic: How-To Guide For Hosting Twitter Chats

Communication. At its core, nonprofits rely on communication more than anything else.

Communicating with donors, the communities you function in, the volunteers who selflessly donate their time, the constituents who sing your nonprofit's word from the rooftops, and the populations you serve.

Social media intervened into the digital scene almost over 10 years ago with Facebook and redefined the way we interact with one another. Today, Twitter and Facebook and other social media netwroks account for approximately 28% of all time spent online. That said, if you're not already in the conversation, the time to get in is now.

Twitter chats are one of the most effectivet ways to generate huge amounts of traffic to your Twitter account. Check out the infographic below which gives you a step-by-step guide on how to run an effective Twitter chat.


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