Infographic: Why Calls Are The New Clicks (Again)

Converting leads to sales is on the minds of everyone across the business world. Whether in for-profit or nonprofit work, generating revenue is essential to keeping the lights on.


Perhaps that’s too general of a statement. However, the truth is there can’t be enough emphasis placed on generating revenue. Whether selling widgets or converting donors, more money is spent on generating leads, and converting those leads into revenue than almost anything else in business.

However, the problem lately has been too many marketers and sales representatives have been spending too much time, energy, and resources on digital. While there's no mistaking its importance, the truth is more people are moving fluidly between devices, platforms, and online campaigns alone are not enough to convert enough leads.

With inbound calls converting as much as 10x more than clicks, there’s no reason your nonprofit shouldn’t be putting heavy emphasis on its inbound call programs.

Check out this infographic and see if your nonprofit is spending enough time and energy on its inbound call programs.


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