How To Increase Content Creation Without Hiring More Writers

One of the biggest concerns digital marketers have is creating enough interesting, engaging content for their organizations.

With non-profits, it can be especially difficult if you are faced with limited personnel and a tight budget. Growing your content marketing capabilities by adding in another person can be expensive and one person may not even be enough to help keep up with your content marketing needs. Don’t let this problem consume your time and resources. Here are a few ideas on how to increase your production of quality content without breaking the bank.

    1. Revitalize old content

      Your organization has already invested a significant amount of time and resources into the content you already have created. Do not let that content go to waste; many older pieces of content can be used again if you spend a little time revising and revitalizing them. Create 2.0 versions of your content or simply update them with the latest information if the content validity has changed. Also consider targeting parts of your audience that may not have seen your original content. If you adjust and update it enough, even those who read the first version will have something to gain from reading your revitalized work.

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  1. Outsource to a team

    Sometimes hiring just one person is not enough to generate the amount of content you are looking for. Consider hiring an agency to take control of your content marketing. While it will cost some money, several agencies can be taken on at less than the price of a full-time employee. Outsourcing an agency can be more efficient and gain you more resources than a singular new employee. They allow you to expand your resources, save time and money training your non-profit’s employees and allow you to focus on other parts of your organization. This way, you can continue working toward your mission without needing to worry about the content needed to bring in new clients, donors and volunteers.

    3. User-generated content

    If your non-profit is successful in its digital marketing, your donors, volunteers and clients are already talking about it online. Hone in on fans who are advocating for your organization and discussing your services through social media channels. Reach out to those making positive comments and ask them if they would be interested in creating content for your organization. Getting your audience to create content is a great way to bring in trustworthy, reliable resources for your audience. Your audience will likely be happy to put together an article, video or other content to support your mission. Another way to generate user-made content is to hold a content. Ask followers to create videos or posts based on positive experiences they have had with your organization and post the top three to your website for a certain period. You can even ask your audience to vote on favorites. This engages your audience while generating free content and making them feel more appreciated and involved with your non-profit.

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