Does Your Nonprofit Have An Online Store?



It may seem like an odd concept. Your organization isn’t in the business of selling things like pajama pants, hand-made crafts, or other official merchandise. You’re in the business of helping people, not selling stuff.

But according to a recent post from Tech Soup, many nonprofits have learned to take advantage of online stores to raise money and awareness. It used to be difficult, and expensive, to create an online store. However, online services, Shopify are making it easier for nonprofits to get in the business of selling items online.

There are many different examples of how these organizations are using the concept, and of what they’re selling. Some are selling customized pajamas to raise money and awareness of sexual enslavement in India. Other, larger profile organizations are selling licenses merchandise, and others simply use their online store to sell tickets to special events.

There are many potential ways your nonprofit could benefit from creating an online store, check out Tech Soup’s post to learn more.

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