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The third CXWorks session is quickly coming to a close in Las Vegas, and we have been anxiously awaiting to check-in with our student spotlight – Yeilin Tellez Sanchez. If you didn’t read about her before, Yeilin moved from Cuba less than a year ago, and was searching for a way to launch into a career that allowed to help people when she heard about the CXWorks program. She’s been working hard for the last eight weeks, and is excited to graduate on Friday. Read more to learn about what her experience was like, and what’s next on her career path!

CXWorks: It’s been almost two months since we last talked, and you are now just days away from graduating. Congrats! Reflecting on your eight weeks in the program, what was the biggest challenge you faced? What about your biggest victory?

Y: The biggest challenge for me has been preparing for all the job interviews while still balancing all the demands of the classroom. I think that has also been my biggest victory because I have seen my confidence grow over time. At first, I was very nervous before every interview, but this program has shown me how to be confident in myself.


CXW: Tell us a little bit about the relationship(s) that you developed with your peers and the CXWorks staff.

Y: I feel I made some good friends for life. We worked as a team to push each other through the program. Even though we didn’t know each other at the beginning, I can say that we have grown into a family. The staff has been wonderful, and they have provided us with the important life skills we need to succeed during this amazing course.


CXW: You got to work with many volunteers and gain some valuable professional development skills – does one stick out as being the most impactful?
Y: I think every session was really impactful because the skills were invaluable – how to manage stress and how to communicate as a professional. I have also learned how to be patient with my progress, and not to give up with each small setback. I know now that the more I invest in myself, that more successful I will be. So. my interpersonal skills have exponentially improved. All the Friday Sessions have provided insight into what the customer service field will look like first-hand. We have our last one this Friday at Capital One – they have been a great supporter of our whole class.


CXW: Once you graduate, what’s next for you? Any employment opportunities that have been pursuing?
Y: I already have one job offer! And I have additional interviews scheduled almost every day; even two tomorrow! I am really excited about all the opportunities. It’s incredible that I can tell people I am coming from Tech Impact and CXWorks and that they recognize the name and know what that means. The next step for me is starting a successful and professional customer service career and using all of the skills I have learned through these eight weeks.


CXW: Many entry-level customer service/experience positions do not require previous experience. What value does training like CXWorks add to your resume? Are there added benefits of being able to say you completed a program like this?

Y: This program has added so many skills to my resume, and I am so proud of what I have accomplished together with my mentor, my instructor, and my classmates. Deciding to pursue Tech Impact’s CXWorks program was one of the best decisions I could have made almost two months ago. This program has the ability to put anyone on the path towards a promising future if they can dedicate themselves one hundred percent.


CXW: What are your hopes for the future of CXWorks in Las Vegas?

Y: Well I think that this program needs to expand to other cities! There are a lot of people out there, like me, who want to start a career but don’t know how to start. I am really excited to see how it continues to grow and impact the generations to come, and I hope to be part of this family for many years so I can give back to the program that helped me get my start.


CXW: Now on the opposite end of the program, what would you say the impact of CXWorks has been on your life?

Y: This program has changed my life completely; not only my professional life but my personal life as well. I have gained confidence to stand up for myself and voice my opinion, and I have improved my communication skills in all facets. I am really excited to start applying all that I have learned.


CXW: Anything else we should know?
Y: I just want to add something for the future students who may feel like they are stuck and can’t find their way out. This program will change your life for the best. It will change the way you see yourself and others, and give you an opportunity to succeed. To the CXWorks staff – I don’t have enough words to show my appreciation. My instructor, Bri, has given me confidence in myself and shown me that a setback is an open door to better opportunities. She has showed me that every step in the journey is the step to something better, a chance to turn something small into a blessing.

Volunteer with CXWorks

Volunteer with CXWorks

One of the most important parts of this program is YOU, our volunteers! Your participation is what sets this program apart and what makes being a CXWorks student such a special experience. There are several ways to get involved in Las Vegas.

Become a Mentor

Help a current CXWorks student stay motivated, provide guidance and support, and encourage them through the duration of the class.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per week for 8 weeks; in-person, via phone or email.

Host a Lunch & Learn

Join the CXWorks students over the lunch hour. Provide food and open a dialogue about your career, how you got to your current position, then answer student’s questions that come up.

Time Commitment: One hour on any day of your choice, Monday through Thursday.

Host a Friday Session

Teach the CXWorks students the “soft skills” they need to succeed in the workplace. Curriculum is provided. Present the topic yourself, or with a group of colleagues.

Time Commitment: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the Friday of your choice while class is in session.

Volunteer with CXWorks

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