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The second CXWorks session is busily underway in Las Vegas, and we are excited to introduce one of the awesome students – Toynee Bodie. Having been laid off from her job at the end of 2016 but wanting to progress in the Customer Service industry, Toynee felt like finding the CXWorks program was a matter of fate. She recently shared her history and initial experience in the classroom with us in an interview. Keep your eyes out for Part 2 during graduation week when we’ll check-in with Toynee again to see what’s next!

CXWorks: What had you been doing prior to starting the CXWorks program?
Toynee: I was working last year – mostly in retail jobs. I actually got laid off because it was a small company that ran into some financial issues. That happened around mid-December. In retrospect, it kind of was perfect timing because I found out about the program shortly thereafter.

CXW: How did you hear about the CXWorks program? What made you decide to apply?
T: I heard about the program on the Internet. I was looking for a job and the ad for the class was posted in the Customer Service section. The ad itself looked awesome – the people looked happy. But the main words that really got me were “free program.” That, paired with the fact that the program provides a stipend, were the key points. The fact that I wouldn’t have to look for a part-time job and could just focus on doing well in class was really attractive.

CXW: What about the customer experience industry piqued your interest in starting a career in this field?
T: I actually really like working in customer service; I’ve had several jobs in call centers and others in retail. Any chance I can to help people and make someone’s life a little easier is what I’m all about. But I kept running into roadblocks where there wasn’t any retention or growth in previous positions, so I just felt stuck. This program has emphasized from the beginning that it was about getting a career and not just another job, and I’m so ready for that. And I know that having the proper training to succeed will take me far.

CXW: You are a few days into the class. How’s it going so far? What’s the experience been like so far?
T: It’s been a really positive, uplifting experience. Brianna is an amazing instructor, and she’s been able to get us out of our shells in just a few days. We’ve all come together to find our common goal so that we can work as a team. I’m having fun and learning a lot – not just about the field but revelations about myself that are important for everyday life. Some of the activities have revealed so much about who I am as a person, and I never expected to reap those kinds of benefits from this program.

CXW: What are you most looking forward to about the program? Anything you are nervous about?
T: I am kind of nervous…well actually I’m probably more excited just to continue to grow with my classmates and become a better person. And I’m SO excited for a career! Maybe kind of nervous that I won’t find something, but I know that will change in the next eight weeks. I think I’m most nervous and excited to discover more about myself – the good and the bad. So yeah, I’m most excited about learning, growing as a class, and the future.

CXW: What is your ultimate career goal(s)? Where do you want to be in the next year or two? 10-15 years?
T: I think short-term, coming out of this class, I would love to find a management position. And I think a manager position is realistic because of my previous experience. And more long-term in the next 10 years, I would love to run my own business. Once I get all the skills that I need, I think I could do it. This class has made me feel like I have no limits, and I love it – so I’m going for that CEO role.

CXW: After you complete the program, what is one thing that you are most excited about?
T: The career. I don’t see myself graduating from this class and going nowhere. I’ve realized from meeting some of the people associated with CXWorks that I have no excuse for the limits I’ve set for myself. I want to get out there, make a living to support myself, and be happy – like so many of the CXWorks and Tech Impact network!

CXW: You’re going to meet a lot of volunteers through the CXWorks program. Do you think that will be an added bonus to your training?
T: I am really looking forward to the mentorship! I know that all successful people have a mentor they can learn from and turn to when they need career or life advice, and that’s something that I’ve been missing. You need somebody in your corner to keep you encouraged. My mentor, paired with all the other volunteers we will meet at Friday Sessions; that’s what really sets this program apart. We get to go see companies in the industry, meet managers, and see what the culture is like there. And we can get a feel for what they might be looking for in their talent. I can’t get over how dynamic the CXWorks program is.

CXW: Anything else we should know?
T: I am originally from the Bahamas – that’s fun! But in all seriousness, I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity. I know that I will have these connections for life; I know that I could call my instructor, my mentor, my classmates anytime that I need. I appreciate it at all, and I can’t wait to see where these next seven weeks take me.

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