What The Cloud Changes About Nonprofit Tech

We all know technology increases productivity, makes working easier, and better connects us to our missions and our organizations. And in recent years, this has shown with nonprofit organizations consistently increasing the investment in technology every year.

But cloud computing and technology is so integral to the contemporary success of a nonprofit organization, why do 87 percent of nonprofits still not have a dedicated IT department?

The answer: Cost!

Staffing and maintaining an IT department is expensive, can detract from your nonprofit, or even hinder it from completing its mission. And with the advent of the cloud, this number might continue to rise.

Why does my nonprofit not need an IT department with the cloud?

Your cloud provider works as your remote IT department, handling all your computing requests directly.

Whatever requests you were typically making to an IT department (or wishing you had an IT department to make a request to!) will be fielded by your cloud provider who will process your request directly.

You might need to contact your cloud provider if:

  • your cloud environment is running slowly. You probably need a little more bandwidth allocated to your environment, or have your servers beefed up a little.

  • you need to add new users, or change the functionality / permissions of a particular sect of users.

  • you are unsure of exactly how the cloud can fit your needs. If you’re running into a problem, or need the cloud to perform a specific function, but do not know to set it up, your cloud provider can point you in the right direction!

What does the cloud do?

What the cloud does is change your IT costs from a capital expense to an operation expense. A capital expense would be like building a power plant when you need electricity; while an operational expense is likened to purchasing only the electricity you use. This payment model is more flexible, and in almost all cases, cheaper.

The other ostensible benefit of the cloud is its ability to scale with the size and needs of your organization. If you’re very busy 3 months out of the year, and comparatively quiet the rest of the year, the cloud scales to those demands.

45% of nonprofits are planning to upgrade their tech within the next 1-3 years. Shouldn’t your nonprofit be looking into the cloud?

If you’re still wondering how your nonprofit can benefit from cloud, check out this video!

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