Client Success Story: Primary Care Coalition (PCC)


Despite it being one of the wealthiest U.S. regions, Montgomery County is home to the largest number of low-income, uninsured residents in the State of Maryland. The Primary Care Coalition (PCC) is working to build access to high-quality, equitable health care for those residents, regardless of race, ethnicity, or economic status. In 2005, the PCC administered Montgomery Cares, a public/private partnership tasked with providing primary and preventative care to some 40,000 low-income, uninsured adult residents through eight independent nonprofit health clinics.

In 2012, the PCC sought to implement an electronic medical records program, eClinicalWorks, across eight Montgomery Cares clinics, which in 2012 served 15,000 patients. Having an electronic medial records program is proven to improve diagnoses and health outcomes, among many other benefits.  In order to implement the system, the IT environments in each clinic had to meet specific standards of modernization. Three clinics had outdated hardware, mismanaged servers, and fragile network infrastructures that not only impacted day-to-day operations, but prevented them from implementing eClinicalWorks.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.56.38 AMTHE SOLUTION

Using a grant awarded by Kaiser Permanente, the PCC commissioned 501cTECH to modernize the IT environments of those Montgomery Cares clinics that didn’t meet the requirements. 501cTECH evaluated the hardware at each site and replaced computers and routers that were too old to integrate with the new system. 501cTECH then reorganized the files on each server and fixed the network environments so that printers and servers could be accessed by computers throughout the clinics.

Services included:

  • Conducting detailed evaluation of IT infrastructure at each site
  • Identifying and replacing outdated machines
  • Networking computers and printers throughout clinics
  • Reorganizing information on servers and establishing access restrictions
  • Troubleshooting issues at clinics and providing quick solutions

501cTECH evaluated the fundamental aspects of each clinic’s IT environment—computers, servers, and network environments—and made improvements where needed.


These three clinics were able to join the rest of PCC/Montgomery Cares’ affiliated network of health centers in adopting a new electronic medical records program that streamlined the sharing and tracking of health information, and improved the quality and consistency of care for patients.

  • E- prescription eliminates cost and time previously associated with the process
  • Improved communication between clinic staff
  • Streamlined dispensing and tracking of on-site medications
  • More accurate record keeping across all clinics

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