Avoid “Dropping The Ball” With Your Nonprofit’s Website



Every (at least almost every) nonprofit has a website, but not every nonprofit has a good website. These days, having a website with poor design can do much more than annoy viewers – it can keep them from coming back.

According to a recent post on Karen Zapp’s Nonprofit Blog, there are seven main ways nonprofits often “drop the ball” with website design. There can be many issues with websites: poor design, troublesome navigation, lack of information, etc.

One thing experts say is extremely important when designing your nonprofit’s website is a focus on effective communication. Your website’s viewers could turn into supporters, even donors, for your nonprofit. It’s very important that they a) are greeted with quality content, and b) have an easy way to contact you for additional information.

Check out the Zapp’s blog post for more information that could allow your nonprofit to avoid “dropping the ball” with its website.

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