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How Nonprofit Cyber Attacks Really Happen

We live in a digital world, and the reality is that no one is entirely safe from a cyber-attack. Nonprofit organizations develop with an interest in doing good work for the community, in serving others and providing for the greater good, but even nonprofit organizations can fall victim to ...
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Why Every Nonprofit Should Focus on Digital Transformation

There are always limitations to what you can get done in an organization, and that is especially true in the nonprofit world. Resources are incredibly limited, with an expectation from stakeholders that you "make do" with technology that may not be as up-to-date as that which other organizations ...
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ITWorks Student Spotlight - Evan Werner

The ITWorks Philadelphia class is kicking-off the Spring 2018 session this week! We spent some time with Evan Werner, one of the incoming students, to learn about how he came to know about ITWorks and where he hopes to go with his IT training. Read on to learn more about Evan’s story.
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Meet Heather Green – The Newest ITWorks Instructor in Philly

I am beyond excited to work with my first group of ITWorks students! I come from a background of STEM education for middle-schoolers, but I became an accidental techie along the way. I was a fan of Tech Impact for about a year before this opportunity arose for me, so I am stoked to be here! The ...
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Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Crowdfunding

  Crowdfunding offers nonprofits an unprecedented level of access to potential donations. But, just like any other tool, it has to be used correctly for the best results. Crowdfunding on the Internet requires in-depth knowledge of social media, technology, and marketing -- all of which a nonprofit ...
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Goal Setting: Why You're Doing it Wrong

Many people fail to achieve their goals because they identify an outcome without also identifying the underlying motivation of that outcome. Without knowing your intentions, you make it too easy to sleep in instead of going to the gym, or let blogging fall by the wayside when more important things ...
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5 Technology Pitfalls Nonprofits Should Avoid

 You stand by your nonprofit’s mission and want to extend your reach even more into the new year. However, technology can be either your friend or your foe where this is concerned.
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CXWorks Alumni Spotlight - Where is Omar Gutierrez Now?

As a recent high school graduate, Omar knew he wanted to build his career but didn’t know where to start. Luckily, he found out about CXWorks!
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Protect Your Nonprofit's Data

How secure is your data? Data breaches and cyberattacks at major companies like Equifax, Target, eBay, Yahoo and Sony dominate the headlines and more attacks are reported almost every day. However, cyberattacks are not limited to large corporations and nonprofits are not immune to cyberthreats. A ...
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CXWorks Student Spotlight: Nichelle

The first CXWorks class of 2018 kicked-off last week with a great start. Students are already immersing themselves in the world of customer service on their 8-week journey through the program. Las Vegas native, Nichelle, had been looking for a career pathway when her JAG instructor from High School ...
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