6 Ways To Increase Mobile Giving In 2014

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Convenience is key in today’s technology driven society, and as a direct result of this fact, mobile giving is poised to rise in 2014.

According to the DEC (disaster emergency committee), a UK based coalition made up of 14 charities who band together in times of crisis, 6 million british pounds were raised via mobile donations after the Philippines was rocked by the typhoon that occurred earlier this year. While a quarter of a million pounds were raised via text messaging one hour after the disaster struck.

With these alarming stats in mind, here are a few ways your nonprofit can increase their mobile donations in 2014, according to John Simcock of eduserv.

  1. Ensure donors can access donation screens quickly

    Remember, every click it takes a donor to reach the donation page is lost donations, and a signup requirement is self-destruction. When linking to your cause via social media, text message, or email, make sure the link takes the donor directly to the donation page, not the main site. Furthermore, there must not be anything impeding a donor once arriving. Try disabling any pop-up advertisements and anything else that will distract a potential donor.

  2. Make sure your mobile site is optimized for multiple platforms

    While it may seem intuitive to optimize your website for smart phones, you can not forget about tablet users. Your website needs to detect different devices and platforms while catering to their needs optimally, or else you run the risk of alienating potential donors with strange, unintuitive page layouts.

  3. Make sure your content loads quickly on all devices

    If your content does not load quickly, regardless of device, potential donors will quickly lose interest in donating. A great way to make sure this happens is direct users directly to the mobile version of your website, instead of slowing the process down by directing from the main site to the mobile version. Every second of delay can cost you donations.

  4. Integrate a range of payment options

    Catering to individual user preferences is key. Some users feel comfortable completing transactions over the internet or SMS text message, while other may only feel comfortable using PayPal. Make sure there is a range of options available so that no matter what method a donor prefers, there is an option available to them.

  5. Focus on fostering relationships with donors

    Once transaction are complete, this is when you should focus on keeping a donor’s interest and forging a relationship. Those who give are most likely to give again, so advertise your social media feeds and email notifications to individual donors after they have donated.

  6. The biggest givers are from older generations

    Remeber that the biggest givers are those from older generations who may not be tech-savvy. This bring us full circle to point number one, make sure that donors can access the donation page quickly. Don’t allow your biggest donors to get lost in drop down menus and the fluff of your website. Make their path to your donation page quick and seamless.

If you are intereseted in reading more, you can read the original article at eduserv.

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