Alexandria Seaport Foundation, Good 360 and National Military Family Association Win 2014 Technology Innovation Awards


WASHINGTON, DC; Nov. 7, 2014 – 501cTECH announced today its selection of Alexandria Seaport Foundation,  Good 360, and National Military Family Association as 2014 Technology Innovation Award winners. 501cTECH, the leading nonprofit provider of outsourced technology services to other DC –area nonprofits, announced the winners at its annual Celebration of Technology event yesterday evening.

501ctech-event-sponsorsThe Technology Innovation Awards, presented by Accenture, CenturyLink and BAE Systems, recognize local nonprofits from the following three cause categories for innovative technology ideas that have yet to be implemented.

  1. PreK-12 and STEM Education
  2. Skills to Succeed and Workforce Development
  3. Veterans and Military Families

Project ideas were reviewed by a panel of executives from leading technology companies, including, but not limited to, Accenture, CenturyLink, Blackboard, Facebook, GE, Google and Salesforce. The winning organizations will receive a $7,500 cash award and consultation from 501cTECH, Accenture and CenturyLink to help bring their innovative ideas to life.

“I have been involved in the Technology Innovation Awards process since it began eleven years ago, and its purpose has never been clearer to me,” said Julie Chapman, President and CEO of 501cTECH. “Beyond funding local nonprofits in their efforts to improve infrastructure, these awards reinforce the importance of technology and innovation in the nonprofit sector.”

“If there’s a singular message we’d like to convey as an organization,” said Chapman, “it’s that technology is just as important to nonprofit organizations like Alexandria Seaport Foundation, Good 360 and National Military Family Association as it is to big companies like Accenture, CenturyLink and BAE. If we as nonprofits want to make an even bigger impact in the community, we need the proper resources.”

Technology Innovation Award Winners

Cause Category: PreK-12 & STEM Education

Alexandria Seaport

Alexandria Seaport Foundation (ASF) helps young people turn lives around and provides families, community groups, and schools with meaningful education, social, and recreational experiences through the building and use of wooden boats.  Their innovative new program, STEM on the Potomac, uses wooden boats, the natural environment and technology to improve student’s STEM skills.  STEM on the Potomac’s technology curriculum will teach radar and GPS technology use and offers participants opportunities to build and launch underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs) to teach technology concepts.

Cause Category: Skills to Succeed & Workforce DevelopmentGood360

Good 360 fulfills the needs of nonprofits leveraging the latest technological and social networking development to create new and engaging online solutions that strengthen nonprofits and expand corporate citizenship. Disaster Recovery360 will engage, empower, and strengthen individuals and communities affected by disaster through web and mobile technology.  Over an online portal, nonprofits will be able to communicate their stories to prospective supporters and flag particular needs.  Through engaging, training, and linking them directly to a network of nonprofits, donors and volunteers learn the skills they need to respond efficiently and effectively in disaster situations.

Cause Category: Veterans & Military Families

National Military Family AssnNational Military Family Association strengthens and serves military families through advocacy, education, information, and programs.  MyMilitaryLife is an information delivery system that connects families with solutions or preventative programs customized to their current situation and location.  In its final phase, MyMilitaryLife needs to add a critical feature to the system so military spouses can add content and recommend resources to their peers around the country.  By adding this social feature that encourages users to contribute, they expect to increase engagement and encourage habitual usage.

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