501cTECH Senior Engineer Speaks on Panel at Kaseya Conference


Kaseya, makers of the remote management software we use here everyday to deliver IT services to area nonprofits, held its annual Kaseya Connect conference this month in Las Vegas and several members of the 501cTECH team were in attendance.

501cTECH Senior Engineer Francis Johnson participated in a four-person panel discussion on how the software has improved for “power users” since 2013. The consensus among the panelists was that Kaseya, though not kaseya-panel 2without its flaws, is far and away the better option over other Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platforms.

501cTECH President and CEO Julie Chapman was in Las Vegas for Kaseya Connect as well, and her takeaways were all positive.


“As we continue to adapt and improve our own technology roadmap to better serve the community,” said Julie, “I’m very confident that Kaseya is the right long term solution for our goals in that area.”

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