5 Ways To Increase Landing Page Conversions

Image courtesy of clker.com Image courtesy of clker.com
Your nonprofit’s website is important. You’ve undoubtedly heard this before.

The most important of all your pages, though, isn’t your home page, your about us, or even your donation page. It’s all of them. Well, sort of.

The most important page on your nonprofit’s website is its top 5-10 landing pages. Why? Because these are the pages web visitors are first seeing when they’re finding you on the web. These pages are your 4 seconds to draw in attention, and entice the user to interact with your website.

However, getting web visitors past this initial landing page and onto other pages is the difficult part. Here are 5 ways to tinker with your landing pages to create more page views with a few easy upgrades.

  1. Use friendly, and appropriate colors

    Colors have been psychologically proven to impact a person’s emotions, and even evoke unique reactions. Depending on your target audience, the color scheme on a web page should change as well. Here is a quick break down of what the different colors mean to different people:

    • Black and gray evoke a sense of sophistication and sincerity.
    • Blue is most people’s favorite color. Blues also tend to be calming and are often associated with trust and security.
    • Green communicates to a viewer health and well-being, while in recent years it’s also associated with environmentally friendly endeavors.
    • Purple is the favorite color for almost a quarter of all women, and no men. It is said to conveys womanhood, maternity, and comfort.


  2. Include images of people

    Just stick a stock image of a smiling model on your most trafficked landing page and watch the conversion rate skyrocket, right? Wrong.

    There is so much more to consider like; should we use a model, stock image, or use one of our team members? Should the person be smiling or more serious? Should the person be looking into the camera or away? Should it be a single person or a group?

    Each one of these factors carries some weight, and is each appropriate depending on the situation, your nonprofit, the page it is on, and what your goal is.

    A popular route many nonprofits are taking is using real quote from a client, and pairing that quote with a picture of their smiling face above or below it.

  3. Focus tone and language

    Your landing page is not meant to sell your product, it is instead meant to sell the web visitor on your product. What this means is your landing page needs to convey to the web visitor that your brand is reliable, professional, and someone they trust enough to do affiliate themselves with.

    Make sure your tone is personal, try words like “you” and “we.” This creates a personable, friendly tone that the visitor will be able to relate to immediately. Ensure the verbiage on those pages is focusing on the value your nonprofit provides, and what the web visitor gets from being affiliated.

  4. Feature yourself

    Use yourself, your CEO, or another well informed individual within your nonprofit to be featured in a video or a full page. Videos have been proven to be highly engaging and hold a visitor’s attention for longer periods of time than pages with only text.

  5. Utilize customer testimonials

    When people land on a web page, they want to be immediately reassured that they’re in a safe, reputable place. Try using a positive quote from a client to help visitors feel comfortable immediately upon arriving on your website.


The most important thing is to experiment. See what’s generating more interaction and what’s underperforming.

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