5 Tips For Nonprofits Using Image Driven Content Marketing


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The contemporary consumer is addicted to information and media. Their attention spans are shrinking as information is consumed at a staggering pace.

As a result, images, visuals, and infographics are taking more precedent. Today’s web user wants information immediately, and doesn’t want to have to sift through paragraphs to find it.

Here are 5 ways your nonprofit can better utilize images and infographics accomplish your mission.

    1. Focus content to audience and your nonprofit’s objectives

      While utilizing images, infographics, and visuals, ensure your content is inline with both your nonprofit’s goals and your audience’s expectation. But what does that mean?

      your target audience will only view your content if it is filling a pre-existing need. Identifying that need, and supplying that information is an easily consumable form is half of the battle. The hard part often come from trying to link that need to your nonprofit.

      Find a way to relate your content to your business and you’re well on your way to visually stunning content marketing campaigns.

      2. Start a hashtag contest

      In a previous article we discuss the importance of interaction to running a successful social media campaign.

      Running a content is a great way to boost interactions and have some fun while doing it. In your posts, encourage your followers to post an image in response and to include a specific hashtag. You can then search for that hashtag on Twitter, or Instagram, and choose weekly winners.

      And be sure to include a prize or two. This has been proven to increase interaction.

      3. Analyze social media interactions

      Having analytics to support your endeavors is of course paramount. With over 1 billion images being shared on social media every day, and by utilizing hashtag research, your nonprofit has the chance to figure out what your audience is talking about.

      If one image is shared more than another image, try to discern why. Perhaps the time of day it was posted, or the content and context was more pertinent than to the audience than another. Whatever the reason, drill down using analytics to get to the root

      4. Define a brand experience

      You want your social media feeds to be known for something. This way, when individuals land on your feed, they already know what they’re going to get.

      Use a common image, or run a consistent hashtag or caption contest. Be interactive. Do something that makes your social media feed stand out from all the rest. By being identifiable for something you’re giving viewers something to hang on to and take away from their experiences.

      5. Build a narrative

      Try telling an entire story using images over the course of an entire month of week. Keep followers engaged with activities and be sure to prompt them with information about when the next installment will go live.


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