5 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade To The Cloud

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How many years has your nonprofit run on its in-house computing system?

Chances are a pretty long time.

With cloud computing becoming more viable every day, it is important to take a step back and evaluate from time to time whether making the upgrade to a cloud system is right for your nonprofit.

Here are 5 signs that your nonprofit has outgrown its in-house computing system, and is ready for an upgrade to the cloud.
  1. Physical evidence

    Whether you have run out of space in your IT infrastructure to grow or you are no longer able to meet your power and cooling needs, not having the physical tools to run an in-house infrastructure is a tell tale sign that a switch is necessary. If your only way to grow is a major change in office and location than a switch to the cloud is likely right for you.

  2. Soaring per person IT costs

    If your nonprofit, like many nonprofits, has a staff that fluctuates depending on the amount projects and funding available and your IT costs per person grows with the number of employees you have working for you, instead of staying reasonably stagnant, a change to the cloud could be a major money saver for you.

  3. Organizational change

    Whether through a merger or centralization of offices, making a switch at the organizational level is the perfect time to assess and make changes to your IT infrastructure. Because many things are in a state of flux, this time can be considered a blank canvas for you to mold your infrastructure to your exact specifications.

  4. No data flexibility

    With a cloud you often pay by data used, the cloud is ideal for nonprofits who do massive business during specific times of the year while doing less business other times of the year. The cloud can pick up and deal with these extreme shifts in computing power needs without a hitch while not charging you for a whole year’s worth of computing power.

  5. Increasing complexities

    As your in-house It infrastructure grows older, the processes for maintaining and updating it can often grow increasingly more complex. Because of this your IT team can easily become bogged down, wasting time and resources in areas that should not require such attention. Ultimately, this can hinder progress and keep you from accomplishing your mission.

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