4 Reasons A CRM Can Improve Your Nonprofit

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Where is all of your constituents’ information?

Is it all stored one easily accessible place? Can your employees access this information on the go, or are they forced to access this information on one machine?

If your answer to any of the above questions is no, than your workers are losing a lot of time that could be spent accomplishing your nonprofit’s mission.

Here are 5 things a CRM allows your nonprofit to do.

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  1. Free up your IT department

    With a CRM, all of your systems will be better integrated, freeing up your IT department to get more done. They will instantly have fewer systems to manage that are all connected, instead of, in some cases, hundreds that are not well connected.

  2. Improve communications

    All of your communications with your constituents will be easily tracked. As a result of this, you will be able to reach more people and better understand all of your interactions.

  3. Lower costs

    Your processes for constituent communication will be streamlined, offering your nonprofit the ability to cut costs where it is needed. Not seeing the returns you were looking for through direct mail? Track who did not respond favorably through your CRM and change the ways you communicate with them.

  4. Better information, better fundraising

    Because a CRM can store so much information about your constituents, as your interactions with them grow, you can continue to accrue even more sophisticated information. Take the guess work out of fundraising by knowing exactly how specific donors have interacted with you in the past and make a plan around this detailed information.

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