4 Reasons Why Salesforce Is Perfect For Nonprofits

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Lets just start with the fact that Salesforce is free to all 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Free. Let that sink in.

But do not let the lack of price tag fool you. Salesforce is a powerful, effective tool used by hundreds of successful for, and nonprofit organization alike.

With a variety of tools and features, Salesforce can automate processes, quickly track information along with a host of other features.

Below is a list of 4 features that we think make Salesforce the perfect tool for any nonprofit according to GillianCycles.com.

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  1. The nonprofit starter pack

    The nonprofit starter pack can be thought of as a layer or skin that is applied to the software, making it friendlier for nonprofits. In addition to simple cosmetics, it can instantly offer your nonprofit return donation features, and help you manage donations quickly and cost effectively.

  2. Manage relationships

    Salesforce is one of the best trackers of personal information available today. Whether you are tracking information about past donors or volunteers, Salesforce is a powerful way to track a myriad of information. Additionally, individuals can be tracked based on multiple factors, and appear under numerous lists. For example, say a volunteer is also a parent who annually donates to your nonprofit. This person will appear when searching for volunteers, annual donators, and also when searching for parents individually.

  3. Powerful reporting capabilities

    What is one thing you wish your data could tell you? Well, it is likely possible that Salesforce can easily report this information in a few simple key strokes. Salesforce has the most powerful reporting capabilities out and is extremely customizable, making it easy to understand who has donated over $1,000 to your nonprofit within the last 6 months between the ages of 50-56 a breeze, for example.

  4. Automating tasks

    No, they wont take your job, but Salesforce will make tasks like renewing memberships and donations, sending thank you notes, and creating reminders automatic and seamless leaving more time for you to accomplish your nonprofit’s mission.

If you’re interested in reading more you can check out the original article on GillianCycles.com.

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