4 Nonprofits Using Office 365 To Further Their Missions

As of last Tuesday, Microsoft Citizenship is donating Office 365 to eligible nonprofits in 41 countries! Here are some some nonprofits already using Office 365 to make a difference, by spending less time and money on technology maintenance and more time on their foundation's mission.

  1. National Development Council

    "People are telling me that they feel more connected. It’s the little intricacies that really add value to people’s workday."" CTO, Antonio Palumbo

    With 80-90 employees working remotely across the United States, the National Development Council was looking for a better solution to staying connected. By virtualizing their web-based operations with products like Office 365 and SharePoint, employees were able to access documents, Outlook, shared calendars and even their desktops from any computer or mobile device. Read more.

  2. Women's Law Project

    "If you’re able to take advantage of the technology, it’s like adding another person for every person that’s here." Information Technologies Director and Programs Manager, Barbara DiTullio

    The Women's Law Project relied heavily on on-premise servers for email and file sharing, which were taking more and more time to maintain over the years, and at times were not reliable. As a small foundation, with 9 full-time members, the Women's Law Project needed a better and more cost-effective solution. Switching to Office 365 provided the foundation with new cloud-based applications for communication and sharing, such as SharePoint and Lync. Read more.

  3. Child Study Center

    “Because it was free, we were able to have it all migrated and handled for less than the cost of a server, which is pretty great.” Systems Administrator, Garrett Taylor

    On-site email servers at the Child Study Center were becoming complex to maintain, with about 25 full time staff members, 75 part-time staff, and 60 students. In addition, due to sensitive medical records the staff typically deal with, security was a real issue. After migrating to the cloud and Office 365, the Child Study Center team was able to access the information they needed on a daily basis, from anywhere, without compromising security. Read more.

  4. Path Point

    “They (Tech Impact) understand that we don’t have the same resources that for-profit organizations do, but we still have the same tech needs.” Director of Information Technology, Curt Dennett

    Path Point's technology allowance was under 10% of the total budget, and with 23 locations and 400 staff members, Path Point was looking for an inexpensive solution. Discovering Tech Impact through TechSoup, Path Point opted to mobilize their network through virtualization. Now employees work on the go with Office documents, email, calendars, and shared files, while still meeting their budgetary restrictions. Read more.

Learn more about Microsoft Office for Nonprofits.

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