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Image courtesy of The telegraph. Image courtesy of The telegraph.

We all know social media is the preferred means of connecting among millennials. We also understand it provides our nonprofit with an invaluable communication tool that lets us connect with potential donors, volunteers, and constituents across the globe.

The milllennial, though, is the demographic that seems to be keeping nonprofits stumped. Why can’t we crack their code? Why is it so difficult for nonprofits to engage millennials than any other demographic?

With 26% of all millennials actively using Twitter, and 59% having an account on the most pervasive social media network in the world, leveraging the influence of this social platform is imperative to your nonprofit’s effectiveness at penetrating millennials.

Here are 4 statistics about how millennials use Twitter straight from the horse’s (or blue bird's beak) mouth at Twitter headquarters.

    1. Millennials check Twitter whenever they check their phone

      According to Twitter, 80% of millennials are accessing Twitter through their mobile phoen at least once per day, with 15% of millennial users accessing the social network over 10 times per day. That being said, chances are good that when a millennial user picks up their phone, they’re going to be checking Twitter.

      Not only are they checking their Twitter feeds, 60% say they Tweet at least once per day. These users not only want to keep up with the conversation, they want to get involved with it, too.

      2. Millennials rely on Twitter to banish boredom

      Millennials use Twitter for a variety of reasons, but almost half of those users agree that they use it to cure boredom, or laugh at something funny. A shocking 82% of these Twitter users will share a tweet they think is funny when they come across it, and 60% say they are more entertained because of Twitter.

      Try adding a little bit of humor in with your Twitter strategy, it could go a long way to engaging those 82% who will share a funny tweet.

      3. Millennials think Twitter enhances live events

      According to the Twitter study, 71% of respondents claim that live tweeting during an event makes that even more enjoyable. Even more exciting for those in the nonprofit world, 69% of respondents claim they would follow a hashtag during a live event.

      This stat makes it even more important for nonprofit to prioritize their social media presence, and make live tweeting during their events standard practice.

      4. Millennials tell their own story through Twitter

      56% of the respondents to the study claim Twitter is for sharing and documenting their life in real time. Offer a way for millennials to share their story through their feed by suggesting a hashtag, asking a question, or encouraging them to share anything!

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