3 Ways Nonprofits Should Utilize Video

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Between running a nonprofit’s website, blog, and social media, not to mention working in the day to day, jumping into video seems terrifying for a lot of nonprofits. Despite the amount of free services available on the internet for uploading and playing video, nonprofits struggle identifying what video content to create, and how it can help complete their mission.

According to Comscore, 85% of people claim they watch videos online, and 39% of people claim they’re more likely to share a video over text based content.Video content on a website is also proven to hold a visitor’s attention longer, and often communicates information to the viewer more effectively, and quickly.

If your nonprofit has not yet considered adding video content to their arsenal of online communication tools, these 3 reasons might just get you to start.

  1. More effectively raise awareness

    The number one problem a lot of nonprofits face is their inability to get noticed. There are so many profits all vying for the public’s attention and each one of those organization’s boasts an equally dedicated group of employees who care about their mission. Videos bring your nonprofit to life. They put a face to the organization, and shows why your call-to-action is more important than another.

    Use a video to outline that call-to-action. Use powerful imagery from your last event, or mission trip. Highlight the problem your nonprofit is looking to correct, and exactly what you’re doing to correct it.

  2. Thank your donors

    Donors can be a fickle bunch, we all know that. One year they can donating by the truck load, the next they’ll seemingly disappear. It is widely considered that the number complaint of many donors is that they do not how their money is being utilized by a given organization.

    Use a video to show donors exactly what their money is going towards. show them the school, park, or computers they helped build and provide. Give donors a front row seat to exactly what your nonprofit is doing.

  3. Show your fun side

    Generate some interest in your nonprofit by creating a light hearted or fun video. Although your nonprofit is likely tackling a serious social issue, or working to change the fortunes of an entire demographic, filming a video that resonates on a humorous level never hurt anyone.

    Create a video featuring “behind the scenes” of your volunteers at your latest event, or from your last mission trip.


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