3 Ways Your Nonprofit Benefits From Content Marketing

Image courtesy of Life Division Image courtesy of Life Division

Communication is everything.

Content marketing has been a bit of a buzz word the last few years. While the word itself has garnered a lot of attention, many nonprofits are still not utilizing this dynamic new way of spreading their message across the internet.

And with the advent of the internet, there are a seemingly infinite number of ways to communicate your nonprofit’s message with the world. Despite how saturated they may be, it is important to utilize the many social media channels, and blogs at your disposal, waiting to be tapped into.

  1. A new channel

    In the past, nonprofit have communicated almost exclusively with donors through calls to action, newsletters, or donation pleas. Because of this, many times a nonprofit’s communication attempts could be deemed an interruption, an unwanted wrinkle in their day.

    Content marketing instead offers the potential donor or constituent something in return for their time. The reader of the content is learning new information, something to talk about ‘at the water cooler.’ The content is no longer an interruption to their day, it is something they are instead interested, and looking forward to interacting with.

  2. A new audience

    Your nonprofit’s target audience can be thrown out. Demographics, and income levels can be ignored because with content marketing, you are not reaching out to these individual directly, or seeking a specific outcome.

    Content marketing instead opens a dialogue, and turns what was once a “target” into an acquaintance. Someone who your nonprofit is now engaging in a conversation with instead of just reaching out to for help. You are instead helping your donor or constituent. This kind act will resonate with them, and in turn entice them to help you.

  3. A new first step

    Content marketing should be viewed as a first step. Without it, your ,marketing campaigns are unidimensional, clichéd, and have been seen before by donors and constituents alike. It’s a first step because it is a step in a new direction, and you are portraying your nonprofit in an all new light.

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