3 Tips For Your Nonprofit’s CRM Implementation

Your nonprofit’s CRM has the potential to increase productivity, keep cleaner records, and improve donor retention if you use the software correctly.

When implementing a CRM your first hurdle every CEO must leap is getting their organization to buy-in and use the new software to its full potential.

Here are a few tips, according to Anna Arndt of The Data Bank, to get your nonprofit’s staff to buy-in right away and get up to speed with your new CRM quickly.

  1. Train your staff early

    The moment you implement a CRM at the organizational level, train your staff to use the new software as an extension of their daily tasks. Push for your employees to use their CRM to record interactions with constituents, scan the software to better understand past interactions, and add notes about the interactions after speaking to them.

  2. Ongoing training

    Once your staff has gained a comfort level with the new CRM, keep them abreast on what’s new, and way they can better use the software. Insist on them joining webinars and run training sessions.

    The more your staff is exposed to training sessions, the more likely a light bulb will go off in their head, giving them ideas on ways they can better use the software that perhaps you didn’t think of before.

  3. Use your CRM to unify nonprofit

    Your CRM is not a tool that is only used by key staff. It is a common denominator that can help all of your nonprofit’s employees feel connected and like they’re apart of the process.

    It is important to train your staff to view your new CRM as not only “the new office software” or “that place I attach documents” but a portal into your nonprofit’s past, present, future, and enable every employee to work in a unique customized work environment.

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