3 Tips To Help Boost Customer Referrals

Image courtesy of The Connected Cause. Image courtesy of The Connected Cause.

One of the best ways to gain new, dedicated donors, volunteers and clients is through referrals. People trust who and what they know, and word of mouth, even in the face of all the sophisticated modern sales tools we have available today, continues to be the most most effective way to attract attention to your cause.

Asking for help through social media may be a good way to drive effective recommendations, as satisfied customers can share your message while providing social proof of your non-profit’s good services. Here are some ways you can drive more customer referrals through social media.

  1. Identify the best social networks

    Making sure you are targeting the ideal audience is key to any social media campaign or marketing attempt. Each non-profit has a different target audience who can be found on different social media channels, so be sure to adapt your tactics and zone in on the platform they use most. Research which network works best for your organization and your clients. Facebook, for example, is excellent for bringing in individuals, while LinkedIn is ideal for B2B products and services. Before throwing all of your efforts into one platform, test a few to see which is the most successful. Create a plan that includes your audience and segments, then create different invite and referral programs for each group. After evaluating what works best, ask donors, volunteers and clients to share on their own social media channels to spread the message.

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  3. Request social proof

    According to Nielsen’s Trust in Advertising Report, 84 percent of consumers indicated friends and family were their trusted resources. When recommendations come from trusted resources, they are more persuasive because it is social proof the trusted party thinks something is worthwhile. When a referral comes directly from a friend, the social proof can have influence on your potential client’s behavior. That influence does not change when it comes from a digital channel. Social media users share articles and posts on a regular basis, which show up in their circle of influence. Ask your loyal customers to share your organization’s content, achievements and events to bring in more clients, donors and volunteers to come help your non-profit’s mission.

  4. Customize your messages

    When you reach out to your follower base and ask them to share information regarding your organization, make it easy for them to do so. Have pre-made messages available and circulating so they do not have to come up with their own. Avoid being generic and get creative with what you want your followers to share. Also be sure to target it to specific segments of your audience. If your followers like to volunteer, post about opportunities within your organization. If they are passionate about your mission, publish information about how your organization has made a difference. Just be sure to be interesting, eye-catching and shareable for your followers.

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