3 Reasons Salesforce Makes Your Nonprofit More Organized

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Salesforce is a cloud based CRM that allows your nonprofit to become more organized and efficient.

What’s great about Salesforce is its ability to organize everything in your nonprofit. From files, and information to logs of interactions between specific individuals, Salesforce’s robust array of features will keep any nonprofit’s tech team innovating and engaged.

Upgrading your nonprofit’s tech isn’t always a priority, but it should be. And tracking constituent data from a spreadsheet just doesn’t cut it anymore. Here are three ways your nonprofit will become more organized, efficient, and ultimately earn more donations by making a switch to Salesforce.

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  1. Workflow rules increase efficiency

    Your Salesforce system can be, and should be, setup to execute certain tasks automatically. Want a thank you email to be sent after receiving a specific sized donation? No problem.

    Workflow rules are highly customizable and offer you a breadth of options and variety when automating your everyday tasks. The great part is that you can customize on the fly, add and subtract as your role changes and morphs over time.

  2. Track interactions

    Salesforce will allow you to record and organize every interaction ever made with a constituent. Add custom notes, track their hobbies, interests, best time to call, perhaps they prefer email engagement. All of this information and more can be saved regarding thousands of constituents, all in one, easy to digest location. Having access to all of this information will allow your nonprofit to see ways to increase fundraising efforts.

  3. Access customized information

    If your current constituent relationship management system is a simple spreadsheet, it is time to seriously consider switching to a cloud based CRM. By tracking copious amounts of data from a variety of areas, a CRM can show you data in seconds that would normally take a week to compile.

If you’re interested in reading more you can follow our blog for daily tips and information about your nonprofit’s tech.

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