3 Fresh Social Ideas For Small NGOs

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Laying a foundation for digital marketing success is essential for small non-governmental organizations. Once that solid base has been established, you can go even further by launching a mobile-optimized website and accepting online donations.

Using social media to maximize your NGO’s online fundraising and cause awareness is an art form that needs to be carefully considered before being put into practice. To reach a more global audience and increase your NGO’s reach potential, or 'social impressions', consider implementing these best practices. You might be surprised by the results!

  1. Schedule updates for other time zones

    If your NGO is looking to increase awareness and engagement on a global level, you need to be sure you adjust your social media post schedule accordingly. Considering when organizations based in other countries and time zones will look at their social media feeds when posting your own work is a great way to get more global attention for your organization. Facebook has a scheduling option of its own, or you can outsource all social media scheduling to a specialized digital marketing organization for ultimate content marketing optimization.

  2. Cause awareness days

    It may benefit your NGO it create digital content surrounding cause awareness days that relate to your own mission. This can help your organization gain more international exposure, engage your target audience and possibly raise money. Plan your cause-centered campaign around a month in advance of the date so your NGO can create text and visual content that centers around your chosen day. Schedule updates and posts around the time frame and make sure to participate in pre-existing chats and discussions surrounding your cause awareness day. Make a strategy and stick with it to properly leverage all of the potential of cause awareness days.

  3. Photo essays

    Producing a significant amount of text-heavy storytelling can be overwhelming for donors, followers and supporters of your NGO, especially if they are using a mobile device. To break up the text, try sharing your success stories in photo essay format with a short caption to explain what is happening and why it is significant. A photo essay should be published on your NGO website or blog and should include social network icons, a donate button and a subscription option so viewers can further engage with your organization. If you choose to distribute your photo essay in an e-newsletter, include only an introduction and a single photo, then encourage users to click to view more. This will increase the traffic of your site or blog and invite your followers to keep exploring your digital platforms.

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