3 Fresh Ideas To Instantly Improve Your Blog


Your nonprofit’s blog is your voice to the public. It allows them to take a peek behind closed doors and see what your nonprofit is really all about.

If your nonprofit posts to its blog regularly, you have undoubtedly gone through dozens of iterations of content, and editorial calendars. Thought about different ways to increase social sharing, increase conversions, traffic, comments, and anything that has to do optimization.

What we, here at Tech Impact, have realized is that content gets stale quickly. If we’re not constantly innovating and searching for ways to improve our blog, we’ll quickly fall out of favor with our readers.

What every blog manager needs to realize is, assuming you have the coding talent available, we have the capacity to change everything about a blog over night. From the way the posts are laid out on a page, to the way users are able to interact with the post, and so much more. It’s this kind sweeping change that’s necessary to keep up with the latest web design trends and continue growing your blog’s prominence.

Here are a few ideas that Tech Impact thinks might help take your blog’s design, and content, to the next level.

  1. Social logins

    Getting people interested in your blog, and reading it consistently, is one of the most difficult tasks blog managers are up against. Perhaps even more difficult is spurring interactions and comments on your blog.

    According to a recent poll conducted by OnePoll for Gigya, consumers are growing increasingly more comfortable using their social media logins to sign up for other websites. According to the research, 77% of Americans between the ages of 18-55 had used a social media login to sign up for a website.

    What does this mean for your blog? Making it possible for users to login to comment on your blog via social networks is a great way to increase the chances of someone logging in and commenting on your blog posts.

  2. Guest posts

    Engaging other members of your community to post content on your blog is a great way to shake up your editorial calendar and get a fresh voice on your blog. Think about the different blogs you read that cover similar topics and reach out to them.

    Chances are good that they’ll be open to the idea. They’ll be getting their content posted on a new blog, with potentially a different audience, which could drive additional readership to their own blog. While your blog will get a fresh voice and perspective.

  3. Photos do more

    We all know visuals rule the Internet. The most sharable and effective way to disseminate information across social media is unequivocally through infographics. That much is true.

    Here are a few ideas to help your nonprofit start incorporating more images into its blog posts to drive readers and interactions.

    • • Header images.
    • • Incorporate images through out the post. Place just above list points or subheads.
    • • In a ‘how-to’ post, incorporate an image along with every step of the process to better represent the different steps.
    • • Include a headshot of the author to grant the post a little extra authenticity.

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